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I got a lot of information via e-mail from the following persons:


Mr. F.X.M. van Blaricum used the book of mr. F.J.H. Banning as basis and collected data in the following archives (according to his statement in the first supplement):

  1. Stadsarchief Amsterdam.
  2. Stadsarchief Antwerpen.
  3. Rijksarchief Gelderland, nowadays Gelders Archief.
  4. Gemeentearchief Arnhem, nowadays Gelders Archief.
  5. Rijksarchief 's-Hertogenbosch.
  6. Gemeentearchief 's-Hertogenbosch.
  7. Rijksarchief 's-Gravenhage.
  8. Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie in 's-Gravenhage.
  9. Gemeentearchief Eindhoven.
  10. Rijksarchief Haarlem, nowadays Noord-Hollands Archief.
  11. Gemeentearchief Haarlem, nowadays Noord-Hollands Archief.
  12. Gemeentearchief Gorinchem.
  13. Rijksarchief Leeuwarden.
  14. Gemeentearchief Nijmegen.
  15. Gemeentearchief Rotterdam.
  16. Rijksarchief Schaarsbergen (Sub-depot, closed in 2002).
  17. Rijksarchief Utrecht, nowadays Het Utrechts Archief.
  18. Gemeentearchief Utrecht, nowadays Het Utrechts Archief.
  19. Gemeentearchief Venlo.
  20. Pfarreiarchiv Südlohn.
  21. St. Georgkirche Bocholt.
  22. St. Nicolauskirche Kalkar.
  23. Personenstandsarchiv Brühl 504.
  24. Bistumarchiv Münster.

Books and other publications

The book by F.J.H. Banning
  • "Genealogie van het geslacht van Blarcum-van Blarkom-van Blaricum" by F.J.H. Banning, published in 1939.
  • "Het geslacht van Blaricum-van Blarcum-van Blaricom-van Blarikom-van Blarkom" by F.X.M. van Blaricum, published in 1975.
  • "Het geslacht van Blaricum-van Blarcum-van Blaricom-van Blarikom-van Blarkom-van Blerkom, aanvullingen en verbeteringen" by F.X.M. van Blaricum, published in 1976.
  • "Het geslacht van Blaricum-van Blarcum-van Blaricom-van Blarikom-van Blarkom-van Blerkom, tweede aanvulling en verbetering" by F.X.M. van Blaricum, published January 1979.
  • "Straatnamen van Ankeveen", published by Familie De Kwant.
  • "The Zabriskie Family" comp. by George Olin Zabriskie, published in 1963.

A lot of data of the American tree IV come from Mrs. Elsworth C. van Blarcom, who consulted the following sources in the Englewood and Hackensack Libraries:

  • Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Hackensack and Schraalenburgh.
  • Deed Records of Early Bergen County.
  • Loyalists of the American Revolution.
  • The Demarest Family, published in 1938.
  • The Kakiat Patent in Bergen, published in 1970.
  • Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties.
  • Marriage records of Bergen County.
  • The History of Paterson door William Nelson, published in 1900.

I received from Linda Johnson scans from the following books:

  • The History of Annapolis County Nova Scotia.
  • Granville Township Book.

With this information I could build the branch of Anthony van Blarcom and thanks to information from Randy Larsen I could place this branch in tree IV.


Websites with specialized content:

On the website of Genlias (nowadays WieWasWie) I collected data of the following archives:

  1. Gelders Archief.
  2. Het Utrechts Archief.
  3. Historisch Centrum Overijssel.
  4. Noord-Hollands Archief.
  5. TRESOAR, Frysk Histoarysk en Letterkundich Sintrum.
  6. Zeeuws Archief.
  7. Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum.

And from archives with a own website:

  1. Gemeentearchief Delft.
  2. Gemeentearchief Rotterdam.
  3. Regionaal Archief Leiden.

On the website of C.P.J. Bleijendaal records of Jan van Blarkom from the baptismal register of Beverwijk, RK statie H. Agatha.

Websites of people with genealogies in which the names "van Blaricum, van der Gracht, enz." can be found:

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