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The family van Blaricum (van Blarcum, van Blarcom, etc.)

The book by F.X.M. van Blaricum

My father gave me in 2002 3 books about the family van Blaricum, etc. I liked them very much but found it difficult to my own line, especially when you have also separate additions and corrections. In that time I wanted to make a website but didn't have a theme. I decided to make a site with my family tree, because navigating through a digital tree is much easier by the links you can add. Nevertheless is it possible with each tree to print a special version. This print version has no colours and navigating is possible by following the index number of a person.

The basis is formed by the book of mr. F.X.M. van Blaricum and his two additions. Since then a lot is corrected and completed, also thanks to reactions on the website. The data is stored in a database with the program Aldfaer. From this program the webpages with the family data are generated by use of templates.

I keep on looking for new information and pictures, documents, etc. If you can help me with that, please send me an e-mail.

Directions for use

Some tips to make it easier for you to find your way on this website:

  • If you revisit this site you can see at Changes if there were major changes to the site.
  • Blue colored names are links to another place on the site.
  • Green colored names are links to a person sheet of this person with more facts than are available in the tree. There are only sheets for deceased persons.
  • Purple colored names are links to a footnote about the concerning item.
  • Most of the pictures are a link which will open a new window with a large version of the picture. Click somewhere in this window to close it.
  • All persons in the database are listed in the several surname lists. There is a list with the family van Blaricum, etc., a list with the family van der Gracht, etc. and a list with other people. Each name is a link to the place in a tree. However some people appear on several places in a tree, that person has a remark with links to the other mentions.
  • The place names are followed (when relevant and known) by the county name, an abbreviation of the state/province and a country code in brackets. I use the code lists of ISO 3166, on the Country codes list you will find all the countries that appear in the trees. A country that no more exists and therefore is not mentioned in the list, will be written in full.
  • On the page Sources you will find the sources (archives, other family trees, books, other researchers), when possible linked to the relevant website.
  • On the page Isolated facts is the data mentioned, which cannot be placed in one of the trees.